Sunset Rubdown - Snake's Got A Leg (Acoustic Segue Alt. Version) lyrics

Snake's got a leg
It's way more than she can see
And you'll get, you'll get so many legs
That you'll run away so we'll never ever see

I got a jacket
A coat full of contraband
And I got, I got so many high heels to sell
And I got, I got so many hands to hand 'em over with

And we'll eat like kings, oh…

So oh, oh, oh
Got egged with bows and arrows
So oh, oh, oh
He's got legs with bows and has 'em

"I got chased by a hundred snakes in the morning
Got away from a hundred snakes in the night."
Sing, "Back at my ears with their beaks on my mound
They're back on their wings, three feet on the ground."
The rats, and the rats, and the babies in the woodshed
Said, "How can you live up so high in the mountains?"