Suns Of The Tundra - Tunguska lyrics

What is the best that we could do?
What is the best,
That we can do?
And if the best that we can do is make a ride for our backs,
Were threw, so instead will do our best,
To make the day turn out so beautifully,
Well make the day end beautifully,
Eyes wide open,
To take in all that they can see,
Minds wide open,
The possibility makes them free,
This the best,
That I can do,
This is my best,
I share with you,
This is the best,
Ill ever give,
If I've the will to live so beautifully,
So beautifully,
So beautifully,
You are simply it when it comes to me,
And you are simply it when it comes to me,
You are simply it if it comes to me....