Sunrise Avenue - Welcome To My Life lyrics (Chinese translation). | This is not really me
, You're an angel not asking who I am
, You understand
, That is not really...
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Sunrise Avenue - Welcome To My Life (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: This is not really me
ZH: 这不是真的我

EN: You're an angel not asking who I am
ZH: 你不问我是谁的天使

EN: You understand
ZH: 你明白

EN: That is not really you
ZH: 这并不是你

EN: You look at me as if I'm something more
ZH: 你看着我,如果我更多的东西

EN: Well dream on
ZH: 上好梦

EN: Welcome to my life
ZH: 欢迎来到我的生活

EN: You see it is not easy
ZH: 你看起来不是很容易

EN: But I'm doing all right
ZH: 但我好做

EN: Welcome to my dream
ZH: 欢迎来到我的梦想

EN: It's the only one who needs me
ZH: 它是唯一一个需要我的人

EN: And stays right by my side
ZH: 并且我身旁停留

EN: Welcome to my wonderland
ZH: 欢迎来到我的仙境

EN: It'll take time to find out where we stand
ZH: 它要花时间找出我们的立场

EN: In all this mess
ZH: 在这团乱麻中

EN: There was the first day for me too
ZH: 那里也是为我的第一天

EN: And I had no guide and I was lost like you
ZH: 和我有没有指南,我像你迷失了

EN: I still am
ZH: 我仍是

EN: But it makes me feel alive
ZH: 但它让我觉得活着

EN: Welcome to my life...
ZH: 欢迎来到我的生活......

EN: Once upon a time there was a guy
ZH: 从前有一个人

EN: Who thought life is a joyride of ladies and red wine
ZH: 谁想到生命是兜风的女士们和红酒

EN: He was so sure he'd get the prices and the glory with his rhymes
ZH: 他是那么肯定他会得到价格和荣耀与他的旋律

EN: He'd never need no one to be there beside him
ZH: 他永远不会没人陪在他旁边

EN: Now they're all surrounding me and I feel lonely
ZH: 现在他们就围着我,我感到很寂寞

EN: So lonely
ZH: 如此的孤独