Sunny Cowgirls - Pink Galahs lyrics

Outside watching as the day slowly fades away
Hoping that you'll stay right here beside me
Wrapped around me
The pink galahs are sitting in the trees
In the summer breeze just like you and me
They found each other
And wn't find another

Underneath two different skies
Is where we fall too many times
Just close your eyes and they'll collide

Follow me and I'l follow you
And we'll make it through the night
Fly wherever we want to
Once we reach the other side
You'll find me waiting in the branches
For yu to remind me
You're my pink Galah
The morning sun shining through the pines creeping through the blinds
I'm running out of time to spend here with you and time to kiss you

The pink Galahs through the ctops of grain
Are waking up the day soon we'll be the same
Like them together
Above the weather

Oh hold on with me
Cos I know we'll find our own seed down below
Open your eyes and off well go and

My little mate
Just know that I wi be forever yours

Outside watching as the day slowly fades away