Sunchariot - Free Winds lyrics

...and as the heavens gape aloft
Into the stormy waves of corn I drown

Free Wind, carry me towards the distant sky
Where sun sets down behind the veil of clouds
And still unbroken I will cast my final look
Upon this land, that once have reared me

Lost among this endless freedom
Drowned into the tide of bloom
Spread the wings of golden eagle
Soaring over barrow's loom

Oh, how to find
The one, who heals my sorrow
I ask the rye
And ears of the wheat
I take a ride
This lonely road I follow
Across the fields
The horses and the wind

Free Wind, rush on me your might and shattering wrath
The grass bow down before your breath
And still unbroken I will face my final gust
Unto this land I bid my last farewell