Summoning - South Away lyrics (Portuguese translation). | Were the forests wide and dim
, Stoops in shadow grey and grim
, Float beyond the world of...
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Summoning - South Away (Portuguese translation) lyrics

EN: Were the forests wide and dim
PT: Foram as florestas ampla e dim

EN: Stoops in shadow grey and grim
PT: Stoops na sombra cinza e sombria

EN: Float beyond the world of trees
PT: Flutuar além do mundo das árvores

EN: Past the rushes, past the reeds
PT: Passado o copião, passado os juncos

EN: Past the marshes, weaving weeds
PT: Passado os pântanos, tecendo as ervas daninhas

EN: I'm the crowns of the seven kings. I'm the robes of the five wizards.
PT: Eu sou as coroas dos sete reis. Eu sou as vestes dos cinco magos.

EN: South away! South away now!
PT: Embora o sul! Sul embora agora!

EN: Far away seek the sunlight and the day.
PT: Procure longe da luz solar e o dia.

EN: Hail, hail now, king of the mark.
PT: Salve, salve, rei da marca.