Summoning - Khazad Dum lyrics (Chinese translation). | From ashes and fire be broken
, A light from the shadows shall spring
, Renewed shall be blade that...
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Summoning - Khazad Dum (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: From ashes and fire be broken
ZH: 从灰烬和火灾被打破

EN: A light from the shadows shall spring
ZH: 光从阴影应春

EN: Renewed shall be blade that was broken
ZH: 断了的剑重铸

EN: The crownless shall again be king
ZH: 河山将再次成为国王

EN: The world is grey, the mountains old
ZH: 世界是灰色的老的山

EN: The forge's fire is ashen and cold
ZH: 伪造的火是灰烬与冷

EN: No harp is wrung, no hammer falls
ZH: 没有竖琴拧干,没有锤落

EN: The darkness dwells in Druin's halls
ZH: 黑暗中居住在德吕安的会堂

EN: The shadow lies upon his tomb
ZH: 在他的墓后的阴影谎言

EN: But still the sunken stars appeal
ZH: 但仍然沉没星星上诉

EN: In the dark and windless Mirrormere
ZH: 在黑暗和无风 Mirrormere

EN: There lies his crown in water deep
ZH: 那里深在于他在水中的王冠

EN: 'Til Druin wakes again from sleep
ZH: 直到德鲁因再次从睡眠中唤醒

EN: A deadly sword, a healing hand
ZH: 致命的剑,医治人的手

EN: A trumpet - voice, a burning hand
ZH: 喇叭-语音、 燃烧的手

EN: A lord of Wisdom...
ZH: 智慧的主......

EN: Fire and shadow - both defied
ZH: 消防和阴影-两个藐视

EN: In Khazad-Dum his wisdom died
ZH: 他的智慧中督死亡

EN: In joy thou hast lived
ZH: 你竟住在喜悦中

EN: If thou hearest the cryof the Gull on the shore
ZH: 如果你听见岸边鸥 cryof

EN: Thy soul shall then restin the forest no more...
ZH: 你的灵魂然后不得不再 restin 森林......