Sulfur - Black Maria's Ride lyrics

The hammer falls
Two strokes and choke
On the scaffold
At eight o'clock
I suffocate
The sky is dead
I am afraid
I'm on a bed of rusty nails

My heart says yes
My mind says no
I must confess
I loved you so
I'm not what I'm supposed to be
My eyes are sealed
My blood is free

He said I'm stuck
Onto an iron fence
He said I've lost
All the sense of my sense
He said I'm innocent
I remain silent
He said I'm lonely
I've lost my memory

The music stopped
To ?
Just like a frightened little girl
He says I made a list
To get it over with
He said I knew it all

My eyes are burning
My ears are ringing
My heart is pounding
My toes are freezing
My back is broken
My ?
My bones are burning
My blood is blue
My ?
My knees ?
My ?
My ?
My ?
My ?
My heart is broken
My heart is broken