Suicide Machines - Your Silence lyrics

War for profit can nothing stop it
punish those unloyal war for oil
we dominate we obliterate
world economics and other countries
U.S. policy hands in everything
our intervention ends in destruction
collateral damage the pack is rabid
foaming at the mouth awaiting the feast

Your Silence (2x)
Equals your death

War for peace it doesn't fool me
the guise of freedom blindly leading them
foolish sense of pride for the rich you die
media whitewash blood is the cost
the innocent dead use your fucking head
Protest and survive don't believe their lies
A million reasons to believe 'em
A million reasons A million reasons


Equals Your Death (8x)

You said politics don't concern me and that's
just fine so sing along to the radio's love song
and when they reinstate the draft you'll be the
first to go you're 23 so when you're in Iraq
staring into the eyes of the man who's the enemy
with skud missles streaming over your head remember
when you said "Politics don't concern me"
what you gonna do it's either gonna be him or
you what you gonna do you're just a pawn you're
just a tool what you gonna do gonna die at the
age of 23 what you gonna do still say
"It Doesn't Concern me"
The world is spinning out of control (3x)
It's all about money (4x)