Sugar Bayou Band - To Have And To Hold lyrics

To Have And To Hold

God has taken his time showing his hand
But you know, I'm not complaining
Because He showed me the way to have and to hold
And love without explaining
I have wandered the world searching for something
That I just couldn't see
When I look in your eyes, it's so easy to tell
I'm where I'm meant to be

When I talk to you I feel so alive
I want to be with you 'til day becomes night
And I run to you when life seems so cold
You teach me to have and to hold

When pride leads the way, well, it can empty a heart
Blind to what really matters
You bring out my best and you make me believe
Love is here ever after
And when I stopped looking—there you were
As though you'd been waiting for me
The mistakes and the tears just disappeared
A leap of faith and I can finally see


bridge Who are we in the end,
but who we love and where we stand?

So I'll stay by your side as we grow up together
And smile as the world passes by
Every moment we share will be something special
'Cause you've still got that gleam in your eye
I know that you love me—now, what could be better?
Time has proven you're worth the wait
And God's gift to me is our life together