Suddenflames - The Piper (Hymn Of Sorrow) lyrics

The piper will play 'till sunset
Emptiness, His heart, out of breath
A prayer to fly into the sky
Clear as the water of the sacrificed

Playing fields with no end
Friends of the endless forests
10 000 years to build
a smile to mend it for all
..mend it for all

"Every sun brings a new day
It's for us to write a new page
Yesterday is part of History now
Nothing left to do for me"

War fields with no end
Brothers into eternity
10 000 years to build
hoping for the best for us all

Time stands still
Remember the era
Of the innocent invincibility
I still hear out laughter in the night
Remember the time
of the risky bravery
When we were young and free
Never saw the green leaves of the summer
Your spring is my fall, my winter winter

Mourning fields with no end
Five friends into infinity
10 000 white crosses and this song
to cry your names

There are no friends in the forests
That last piper I hope to be
but I know it's naive to do so
Still, this song is for you and for me