Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - Trumpets And Violins lyrics

I want the trumpets and violins to play.
I want revolvers and adrenaline today
I want solutions and kingdoms of love.
Don't want confusion in these black walls.

But still, we stare into the fall leaves
Still falling from the trees.
I was the first to call it off,
To put them back and light the sun again.

I want the dances and the shoes to match
I want the radio and you to be my catch
I want the world to move an inch from where I stand,
To put defenses down and invite the band.

No need to sob for the scars,
I took it back and so can you.
I've seen your eyes more sad than this,
So fuck the shit and sign the list.

I was born and then I died
It's just the story of a million lives
They live for glory and then they die.
Oh, why?

I was born and then I'll die.
It'll be the story of my boring life.
But still I know I've done something right.