Subtle - Less Populated Earth lyrics

There are entire television programs man produced, and ran, with the single intention of likening the rock-star to the modern man or woman
Sitting with them as they speak things like plans for marriage, and about straying from one's diet
This is why it comes as no surprise that extinction in this day and age can be considered a lesser of two evil
Especially with regard to the last of its kind being a male so long to live
Every time you see a fly, it has lived half of its life already. Do you understand this?
Now touch your face, sort of see with your fingers and feel for that skull. Do you understand this?
I can't drive a car, but let me fly a space ship
So in a response to such, I will not donate my body to science
I was in my bath tub the other day, wishing for it to be bigger, looked up, and I was in the entire solar system

This goes to those who see the moon as another earth's skull (x6)

Sometimes your thrift store hat still does belong to the dead, and is still just perfect for the shape of your head