Subterfuge Carver - P Gunner lyrics

We're rollin'
Fire it up, down and around
We're rollin'

Fire it up in the slutclub, get yourself into mood
Enjoy the ladies so cute
Don't drudge like a bug on it's back, that sucks
Reach motherfucker, get a touch for one night
In your mind this time hold your breath on
Everyone, everywhere
Going motherfucking insane
The pain burns
This is the real hardcore

Raise your gun to feel free

Fire it up in the slutclub, for this pussy mood
And get yourself into mood, yeah
Look that pussy's dancestyle look's so cute
Smack them up, smack them down
Don't hesitate and fuck around
The P****Gunner is back, right now

Hellyeah, I wanna reason with that...
All night long

Spear up the whore, the whore is an animal
Spear up, i'm the P****Gunner
Spear up, you're the P****Gunner
So fuck this whore
And sometimes
Fuck yourself