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I'm gonna take you to a ride
I wanna show you something real
Lets take a trip in our city
Yeah we gonna kick around
And do it till we break.
Open up your mind and receive...
And see the forest from the tree!
It is the key.

Man walks alone in urine & sweat
Dead pigeon tears in my cadillac
Alcoholic drenched candy cat
Blowin' that line real cardiac
Is that the place where answers at?
Following trends like a maniac
Come on and break down!


Better see me inside of my heart
Gonna feel like no one ever
Better treat me right I wont deny you
And love like no one
(or) I will never follow you again
I will never cross your roads again!

Blast off!
That's the way to do. We gonna blast off
freemarket capitalists!

I'm not a freak. I won't die for a
credit card market bible
give to take buy your idol
Gonna break you're a leech
A leech a leech a
You're a fake hipnotizer
Static straight advertiser
Ready set sell your culture
So I bet you'll take it. Won't hesitate.
We gonna do it till we break!

Hey, hey, is all the people doin right?
All the people doin right x3
Hey! Hey, all the kids doin
All the kids doin x3
All the fuckin children kept
In plastic empty dreams!!!


You better slow down!
all the people allright now? x3
you better stand up
all the people allright now? x3

stand up, go!
Hey you listen me!
The higher you are babe the less you see!
Hey you! Can you see?
Go blow up that line we gonna do it till break!!!