Subscribe - Mechanic-All lyrics

Listen up my fabule!! listen up my peacefull fabule!!
Yes i never wanna get my self through of it
When i wake up don't take up my blinding glasses
So show me the things you've inspired by
Or swallow your fist and cry!
I keep goin' to the fight
Began to justify
I'm gonna identify
There's no biggest blister than I
Unreal gotta die!
Show! Shall I show you!
You know that your face so blind
Systematic part of the system
...that your face so blind
Systematic part of the system
(delay that supposed right
Program in your mind)

I wanna lick your brain, yes!!
I want to fuck, fuck your ass, yes!! :)
Here ain't no place for soul
In a world built on lies
No place for rock and roll
It's all mechanic-all
Tear me up and bring me down
I will rise from the bottom!
Original subscribe vibration!brake it down!
You know inside of us lives a nation
A full of rastaman vibration
Keep relaxin',no rush but all day sexin'
This a only real way to fly
Turn up da bass and loud up da sound
Doin'the way of da renegade front
I beat the walls of the critical rank
Rabdabadab go!

Fly!! That's the only way to fly
This depends on your mind control, what you've never shown
Watch your back and think twice now, you girl never know