Sub7even - Raw Like Sushi lyrics

Go n lock teenage box away
Cos we`re gonna do them
All married chicks are going astray
Damn we just had some

There is no time to mess about
We`re here to make you all freak out
And we are here to take the cake
The mission is to claim the steak

Yeah baby we are raw like sushi yeah
Yeah baby we are raw like sushi yeah

You can`t eat me, apart from my D.
You can`t eat me, it`s an eye for an I.
You can`t eat me, ain`t gonna be my C.
And K. makes it raw like sushi yeah

They say that we are dead and gone
You can`t be more wrong
Sub7even`s still the only one
Who fucked you awesome

We are the ones you love to hate
That`s cos we call a spade a spade
All fucked up punks prepare to fight notorious sub are by your side