Sub Dub Micromachine - Eternal Fight lyrics

You think about your safety / But I don't give a fuck
A life with job and family / But I don't give a fuck
You exactly know your future / But I don't give a fuck
You care about your health / But I don't give a fuck
Cleanness rules your life / You make it right
That's fuckin' boring / And you're boring too
I thank God on my knees / I'm not like you

You're fucked up without love / And I've grown up with hate
You waste your time with bullshit / But the hell that's not my fate
For all that I get the fun / And baby you're a drag
Your life is a twilightshow / Ask your money back
Numb in your mediocrity / But I'm your enemy
I should not like to be / In your fuckin' place
Now I'm in the ring with you / Face to face

We are / Shadow and light
Let's decide the eternal fight
We are / Shadow and light
Our destiny

You always look so beautiful / I'm the ugly mug
You're a child of the sun / I live in the dark
You're the fuckin' Mister Nice Guy / I'm the bad boy
All whatcha wanna build / I'll destroy
You hunt for luck / I don't give a fuck
If the darkness seems to win / Then the light breaks through
But if you think you can beat me / I'll beat you