Styles P - Going In For The Kill lyrics

[La Roux - Sample]
I'm going in for the kill
I'm doing it for a thrill
Oh I'm hoping you'll understand
And not let go of my hand

Styles P:
This is for Hoods everywhere
I'm Back
We aint come here for the chit chat but shit got a hell of a kickback
And I don't give a fuck so your face like a dutch imma go head and split that
Niggas in the top 5 fuck is the list at, errbody die where they poppin the cryst at
Gun in ya mouth brain on your wall ya tryin get louder than I
Go head and smoke i'm responsible for clouds in the sky
And you couldn't find niggas to swallow or naht
The hoopdie same color as shit nigga
Run up and hit niggas god bless whoever you wit nigga
Sombody gunna break down and cry
When they look at your face how the four bullets break down ya eye
I'm from a place where ya either kicked out or die
Shit real when they catch you at the wheel and blow your face out the ride

(Chorus x2)
Styles P:
If you forgot my name or my style i'm the ghost with the hornet flow and corner style with a piece of shit car
With two 45's bout to rob everything i'll be gone a while
They aint let you know i'm a grimball whenever the time pause and I find ya'll im taking ya spine off
Let's be serious dead serious if you with cops how you letting your 9 off

Yo you got a hole in you you bleeding so it's not like i'm just calling you pussy for no reason

Me i'm a bastard I hit the blunts til I gotta cough then i pass em
Exhaust on the Ashton
That next choice you make might be your last one
Shit that I needed stuck with me from the classroom
Real talk now who's the king of New York now
Boys got safe's in the house I got a vault now

(Chorus x2)
Just mad you never be as nice as I am

Put my life on it
Soon as you sit in hot water all you gotta do is put the ice on it
I've been giving it to niggas for years
Fans still getting wireless head thats with no hands
Listen my grandmas composition compared to ya'lls is way beyond exsistance
D-Block daddy new black caddie come through knocking michael mcdonald and pattie
P's and haze is still going for 8 and a nattie
Rather have God arrest me than satan and bag me
Get serious i'll gladly involve ya moms
Al quada J im only involved with bombs
Put my life on it
Soon as you sit in hot water all you gotta do is put the ice on it
I've been giving it to niggas for years
I'm responsible for niggas careers