Styles P - Been Around (2012)

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Styles P - Been Around lyrics

I used to dream I would make it big
Told niggas I do when is done they would say I did
Lots niggas do it but they ain't do it the way I did
Its a cold world when your close friend they spray the crib
If you waiting on weight then you know what waiting is
Unless you waiting on freedom then you know what patience is
I pour the liquor then I roll it up
Seen alota sign in my life but I ain't throw em up
Is cash that im trying to generate
If you ever been in a jungle you know my mental state
Cry when my homies done die but are my eyes rinse
Seen alot of dirt with these eyes here come the sirens
Is g code from them kilos
Be straight up with them niggas that put you below
I said the wolves might hurt you
Even when im all by myself im with a circle
Youll see when I spin around
I ain't just talkin boy I been around
Smell when the summer come could hear when the wind around
Seen when the spring comin pop when them things come
I ain't speak on fall cuz I won't mention it at all
If you dont know the rules then I won't tell you to ball
Ill let you know that the ghost back
Now to make you lean like you just hit the dope sack