Stupid Hero - Done lyrics

Kitten Kaboodle and me
Cupcakes and frosting
I knew it could be
Just easy as 1 2 3
You've got the eyes that could make me succeed

Let it be known
What i Dream
You are my apple pie
And my ice cream
When I'm ripped up
You fix my seam
We are the stars of
Our own baseball team

Making my bedroom for two
Half is for me,
The other for you
I love your eyes precious and true
The dragons I fight for
The one that is you

Dead or alive I'll be there
It's just too soon for anyone to care
Die in your arms i just might
Cause now I've got you
I've got no cause to fight


Maybe what I think is dumb
But when you're near me
My whole body goes numb

You put your lips onto my thumb
I'm glad you are here girl
Without you i'm DONE