Stuart Davis - Not Another Lifetime lyrics

You were floating in the Subtle
With a body made of light
Watching people making love
But something wasn't right

Now you're just a bloody baby
They slap your fat behind
You're thirty seconds old
But I can read your mind:

Not another lifetime
Not another lifetime

I'm getting sick of all the prophets
And their parables of love
Saying "as it is below,
So it is above"

I got a message for the mortals:
Hell began at birth
The Angels aren't in heaven
They're just afraid of Earth

And another lifetime
And another lifetime

I wish, I wish
I hadn't made that vow
To serve every being
I know, I know
Baby I can't leave now
A Bodhisattva never leaves
Until everybody's free

That's a lot of lifetimes
That's a lot of lifetimes