Strung Out - Support Your Troops lyrics

were gonna pay for russian sand
painted with the blood of a fellow man
mr.president said theres nothing to fear
but the look in his eyes say the end is near
but the bombs theyll fall
falling down on me
falling down on me
falling down like rain

support your troops but not their cause
your leaders a desperate man
the tears have passed and now at last
were gonna finaly take command
starting to make him want
this years re-election for another term
what a better way to make fun
o swing guarantee of safe return

bet you i'll only loose a few thousand men
well that's just the chance i'll have to take
to get my public off my back
battle this domestic crap
and eveding the mess i will create

dissapear the diskdrive
ignorance on display
George Bush and the calvaries
will blow it all away
loyalty will stand up
and receed in utter black
the war is that it's over now
there's no turning back

the war is that it's over with for now
help my people now by stand and wait
it's just a matter of time
before they may make up they're minds
and will ignore it all some way.