Strong Point - Revolution 101 lyrics

Tell me, this doesn't matter one more time. And that this doesn't mean a fucking thing as you sit back and do nothing to make it better (and say) no change is coming from this movement. I CAN LOOK AT MYSELF AS PROOF THAT THIS MAKES A DIFFERENCE. You insist on dragging this down by quoting the most insignificant things. Well let me ask why can't you look past all that shit. This is so much more than just music, its an entire way of life. I can look at myself as hope, as understanding that the anthems in this music are more, so much more than words. And this still has meaning. Because with each person that takes the step, that takes the action. The seeds of rebellion are sewn. Open your hand. Open your heart. Reach out to your brethren of this foresaken age. (And they'd have you believe otherwise, that we are supposed to fuck ourselves over for the sacred dollar sign) WELL NOT ME I'm not going down that road, because I am not here to take or to steal from you. And I'm sure as hell not here to decieve you. I'm here to give and be part of something more than just of myself