Strong Point - Going There Alone lyrics

Won't let this life pass me by. Won't let my dreams slip away. Cuz with each moment that I waste is another second that can't be replaced. Holding on to this moment, holding on to this life. Taking back every breath, regaining ourselves. How many days have I let fall into nothingness? well no more I won't be lost. But when I look back on the minor words of degradation. I dissolve them, disintergrate in their hate. These moments that seize my heart as my past dances before me. Lost brotherhood tears me apart. Rips me from the inside. Mislead emotions have brought on the darkest days of my life. And I know I must wade through regret. Wade through regret. Wade through misery. Through self disapporval. But I would never want my life in any other way. With every step I take forward is one step further from my passt. I have forged fortitude from regret and I see it lies in me, in my life. I've learned to embrace each moment each second that I walk on this world