Strong Arm Steady - Smoking & Drinking (2011)

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Strong Arm Steady - Smoking & Drinking lyrics

Smoking drinking party all night long
6 in the morning by the time that I get home
Smoking drinking party all night long
6 in the morning by the time that I get home
High so high

Put your hands in the sky
Take my keys I really can’t drive

We do it every night
Grown ass kids with non-satisfied appetite
We’re drinking top shelf .. clear stuff
Getting in the club .. bottles ..
I like the weed I can make a tear up
It’s so damn strong
You ain’t hitting nothing this good so damn long
Hit the club and instantly hear our song
Is the SS the DJ true friend cause
We get .. to keep the girls grooving
Moving to the bar buts on dance floor
Might get to fuck tonight who could want more
Mixing drinks so you might get the mix right free
We do the same shit all week
Change on you if you ain’t got no change on you
Talking about a lot of shit you can’t do like


All my lyrics are fresh like .. leaf on a mojito
Sipping on patrol mamma I am ten years older than how I look
.. telling me you are grown put your number in my phone
Call you as soon as I get home
Shut me in the head I got home
Wake up in the next morning listen to some …
You need a five hour booster
That girl is losing ..she call it .. getting used to
I fell right on it looking like another party night till 6 am
I just walked in about to hit the sack.. mix it with the …


Don’t pop bottles so often
Why I do this makes a shower cursing the fake ..
So it’s no problem .. say SS .. is the night time …
Thank you for just letting me park it
.. they moved to VIP make it for 50 people
Went to the club to do push ups …
Chick look like they don’t need push ups
And what they hail at give them that …mistletoes drink it