Stripper's Union - No One's Watching lyrics

Your lips synch slow, there is no song
A nice warm bath and the radio is on
Green screened up into the dark black night
Falling through space in your suit of lights
Splash down lit by a small blue spark
The radio killed the video star

Soft river, hard water (Soft river, hard water)
Swim with mermaids, through Piranha (Swim with mermaids, through Piranha)
No one's taught her how (No one's taught her how)

The TV's on and nobody's home
The smile is there but you're long gone
Run into the light in a see-through dress
Lens flares out as the extras rest
The AD wraps and the extra crew
For one last scene, the set's closed for you
Soft focus, cold water (Soft focus, cold water)
You're number one now with an anchor (You're number one now with an anchor)
No one's watching now (No one's watching now)

I dreamt I was Snow White, only the other way around
You kissed me and put me into a deep sleep
I couldn't come back, couldn't wake up for the life of me
But I didn't wanna wake up
Oh, my sweet prince, finally no one was watching us
The woods were deep and dark

The lions sleep beside her urn
Her mp3's make Limewire burn
Her ballads sung sadly by candle light
The crowds rained out by the second night
All the stuffed animals lie soaking wet
The flowers and the notes and the mess that's left

No one stays now, only drive-by's (No one stays now, only drive-by's)
Like any wreath laid by the roadside (Like any wreath laid by the roadside)
No one's watching now (No one's watching now)