Stripper's Union - Local Bear lyrics

Kind bird and a good jam session
Local bear knows what's good to eat
Local bear takes a trip to the lakeshore
Where the rednecks and the hippies all meet

Smell patchouli and a college jazz
Red wine and a lot of sharp knives
Kick'n up past the Kicking Horse Pass
Roll the tone out for a mellow good time

Not as smart as the average bear
Picnic baskets around the people down there
Watch the action from a thin Fir tree
Helicopter dances as far as you could see
Let's dance

Tots are playing on the beach below him
Too close for comfort so they call the cops
Safety first for those that don't know him
Pop a cap and see the big bear drop

Mountie, wish you were directing traffic?
Instead of taking down the big black oaf?
Lose-lose with this demographic
You're a killer if you do and you're damned if you don't

Not finished and he rolls and balls
They cry murder and ignore the band
Heavy head to the lake he crawls
And drowns to the sound of Dixieland