String Driven Thing - The Machine That Cried lyrics

It's all right pinning your faith in youth
Cos you there's one saving grace
It buds and it blossoms and it flies for a while
And then it starts to fade away
You're looking at beauty but all that you're seein' is skin
The machine, the machine that cried
The machine, the machine that cried

It's all right facing your life own truth
If everyone believes what you say
The beggar and the tycoon and the honest man
All you need for a day
We're dealing in fiction cos the truth's gonna drive us insane
The machine, the machine that cried
the machine, the machine that cried

There's a man at the bus stop standing by you
You've seen him and he's seen you
You've seen each other so many times before
It's the bitch on the TV that reads the news
The singers singing that can't sing the blues
The soldier who died but he's still too young to choose
It's the girl you met when you were sixteen
You fell in love but in between
Found that she did not really love you