Strapping Young Lad - The Filler - Sweet City Jesus lyrics

I warned you
I want you...
I've come back for you
Go, now, far
I wait in the rain for her, stop? No...
I'm quite calm, calm, come, come, calm down
I wait your pal, life equals death, love equals death
So, you are...

Tell me, I'm your filler boy
So, you are
Call me, I'm your filler
Silly girl, spit it out
We are trying slowly...
Still we try...

Fucking it
Pushing you
Loving life
Packing down
Packing love
Pushing you...
Into you...
Loving life...
Pushing you
Rushing you... bruising you

All these calls and rotting lies
Packing down to the bobby girl
"I woke up... I woke up to reach Daddy-o"
Will she come?

Pushing now
Pushing love
Pushing you...
Pushing you
Pushing you
Pushing you
So... you are...

You can tell me, who's your filler now?
All I am, helped me, I'm the filler