Strange Attractor - The Best Things Are Left Unspoken lyrics

Down the stairs
Publicly on strong
Transfinger tapping
I'm off the map

You alone
Can forgive yourself
Welcome home
To the living

Come around
Feel more like a man
Browning in a soup
Of self

Round black in a taste a two

A most vanity prepelled me
To the back of the pure force
Through the doors to the front by the side
An impossible encounter
Driving on the perv power
Can you wait your turn?
Your public can be damned
The last about original

Can you identify the footsteps in my ceiling?
Whose are they?

I'm starting up an exhibition
To retreat my memories up
Of when I was once young
Of the finish scenes and old Polish movies
Of the freshful of snow and a crease set of tracks
I need no plan, I've got parachute items

The best things are left unspoken