Strana Officina - Unknown Soldier lyrics

Father can you tell me the reason
Of all this hate
Mother by the window is waitin' for me
Will I see the dawn of one more day

Cry, cry alone in the darkness
How many friends left behind
Tonight will be my only friend
Tonight I'll be alone again

Just look around you
Tell me what do you see
People who die for a cause of insanity
Unknown soldier tell me why did you die
In some far away land scared and alone

Fire cross fire no cause is worth dyin' for
Fire, cross fire the general calls for more

Oh, killin' you like a lamb
To the slaughter you go
Kills only you a pawn in this power game

Tell me why
Youth must be sent to die
By old men who sit at home
Someday for this they must pay, they must pay

Year after year
Time will pass you by
Unknown soldier in some forgotten grave
Fire cross fire took you away
No one remembers your face or name.