Strait Up - Sad Air lyrics

(Lynn Strait)

I'm addicted, period, you know?
I mean, like...
And it's weird because...
so many of the population--so much of the population is addicted
and--or--or, you know, compulsive, and impulsive...

I'm really, like, compulsive about shit.
When I can't fix my head know, with a certain drug or whatever,
I'll clean something up, you know, or I'll--I get really like, fuckin'
fidgety and uncomfortable and I get--I fly off the handle easy, you know,
and it's like, if it's not--if I'm not gorging myself on--on--on one thing,
I'm fuckin'... I'm trying to fill that hole some other way, you know what I

It's always this great feeling of need and it doesn't necessarily have to be
of anything in particular, just something that you don't know what it is,
which drives you that much more insane. know, and that's what a lot of people today, um... suffer from, and
a lot of people don't even realize it, you know?

I don't profess to know everything about it, but... you know, I just, uh, I
know that there's that hole that needs to be filled, and uh...

A lot of people die trying.