Strait A Students - Werkin' From Home lyrics

Early mornin, Phones not ringin so I hit the web surfin, MySpace is the place that I'm spending, All my time again. I'm supposed to be callin' out, But not I shalt, No doubt, My conscience has fallin out. So chill out, Cause I need more coffee. Lunchtime's almost here, Best put down my beer. I'm working from home, And it's difficult, to stay on task. Cause there's noone to tell me what to do. And the games are calling... You don't understand, My workspace looks like the quarterback bar again, But I'm not doing so bad, My sales ain't up but they shouldn't be anyway, The best job I've even had. I gotta get back on the phone, Cause I'm workin' from home. Ring, ring - Ring, ring, That's what you won't hear 8 to 5, I'm Staring at my ceiling, feeling no, Happiness in life. I think I lost that paperwork, I can be such a jerk, My contribution won't make fireworks, An effort averted. And I need more coffee... There's too many bulletins, From Adam Huddleston. I'm always drinkin' coffee, I really need the caffeine... Feels like I'm always asleep... Just one more filter of beans... I never seem to get enough caffeine when...