Stornoway - (A Belated) Invite To Eternity lyrics

It was late last night, and all the band were sleeping, It was late last night
I was listening to, to the generators humming
To the tent zipping, drunk quipping, guy rope tripping
And in the gathering dew, I was lucid as a floodlight, I was thinking of you

And now I’m back here before you, You can see me shaking
Cos in that moment I knew, I just knew I just knew I just knew.

Forty seasons have flown since I first sat down beside you, In a crowd on our own
And how one person could thrill me, occupy me and fulfill me
I could never have known, I could never have known
How in the first of our autumns, I’d be falling so steeply, We could share so completely
How in the third of our summers, when you first tried to leave me,
You could cut me so deeply, I could never have known

And on my wilderness journeys with your compass still in me
All the shelters were empty
Through the longest of winters when I called you down river
But you gave me no answer and I feared for my mind
Until the first signs of springtime you were sick and I saw you
And how much you’d missed me
Now in our 11th autumn you are blond from the summer
And I’m back here before you and you see me shaking

Will you go with me my love from here together,
From this quiet rented house?
Will you go with me my love, to face together
Every rise and every slow decline?
Will you go with me, through dream and fantasy,
Through the open fields, and tangled valleys?
Will you go with me, through grief and ecstasy,
And every shade between the cold morning stars, and the deep blue sea?