Stormlord - And The Wind Shall Scream My Name lyrics

[music: Caprino, Bucci; lyrics: Bucci]

Ithaca is hidden far,
Beyond the horizon eternity awaits
I feel burning desire
To go where no man has gone before

This is the curse upon me
A madness whose name is love for knowledge
"Volta la nostra poppa al mattino
Dei remi facem ali al folle volo"

Raging waters are shaking the ship
And the sailors are too old
Wrinkled are the hands holding the oars,
They surrender to punishment divine

Sail for one last time
"Della nova terra un turbo nacque
E percorse del legno il primo canto
Tre volte il fe girar con tutte l'acque
Alla quarta levar la poppa in suso
E la prora ire in giu, com'altrui piacque
Infin che l'mar fu sopra noi richiuso"

...And the wind shall scream my name
Forever in time
The memories will live on
...And the wind shall scream my name

As water steals my words left unspoken
I see my friends going down
In the afterlife maybe I will find some new shores
Hercules columns,
Their silhouette shall seal my cold grave

The sea, my only lover,
Will tell the world Ulysses' story
Sail for one last time

[inspired by Dante Alighieri's Chant XXVI, Divine Comedy - Hell]