Stone Breath - The Lantern Of The Greening Light lyrics

The lantern of the greening light
Will shine upon the path so bright
And show us ways we thought were lost
Through leave and dew and vine and moss

And though the heartless and the false
Who do not feel the seasons pulse
Will claim that we're both lost and wrong
To follow green light and birdsong:

We'll hold the lantern as our guide
To cross both time and river wide
Until such time we realize
The light doth shine from our own eyes

The desert storms with songs of God
The locust swarms on crop and sod
And candles drip their wax on sand
With flames by black wings fanned

And just beyond the candles' dance
The shadows held in flickering trance
A subtle glow, a stranger sight:
The lantern of the greening light

By rising sun or shining star
Those who can see where they are
Can walk behind the Lantern's light
And know the path they walk is right