Stompin' Tom Connors - The Snowmobile Song lyrics

It's Wintertime and the weather's fine,
The snow on the woods and field, when I reveal,
My snowmobile.
Thrill by thrill by golly 'n' hill,
Baby it'll make ya feel like an outdoor meal,
On a snowmobile.

Listen to the sound when the belts go 'round,
When the winter carnival's here,
And oh what fun, at the crack of the gun,
When the whole gang disappear;

The race is on, from the bush to the pond,
And back where the judge's feel you've won their seal,
For the snowmobile.
You've won their seal,
For the snowmobile.

Where skier's ski, and skater's be and snowshoes lend appeal like a bogie wheel,
On a snowmobile.
We tip the glass to the northern lass,
For she won't let ya kneel, she'd rather squeal,
On a snowmobile.

You're off to the town, where the word goes round, it's winter carnival time.
In goggles, boots and a snowproof suit, your sweetheart's on your mind,
Ya win the race and you see her face and you know that she must feel you've got a real,
Good snowmobile;
Yeah, ya got a real,
Good snowmobile.

Now down the street you can hear the beat and the clickin' of the dancer's heel, when the fiddler's peel,
Off a ragtime reel.
You dance and tear with an "I don't care,"
On the way back home you'll wheel over hill and field,
On a snowmobile.

Through golden glow on powdered snow,
When the moon comes rolling along;
On a homeward trail you can hear the wail of the whole gang singin' a song.

If tomorrow's clear, with fishin' gear,
We'll head for a lake trout meal with a rod and a reel,
And a snowmobile.
Life can be real,
With a snowmobile.
There ain't no deal,
Like a snowmobile.