Stompin' Tom Connors - My Brother Paul lyrics

Well im sitting around the house day by day
I ain't much to do but always alot to say
The doctor dropped in and said my blood was low
So I havent worked since it well about 5 years ago
O it's a brand new house got nice pictures on the wall
Of course it belongs to my brother and his name is paul
I'm wearing a suit he bought it brand new i drive a nice car
But that's his to there not really much mine only my overall
But there where dirty when i found them hanging out in the hall
but my brother paul is making a pretty big pay
so I'm eating pretty reaglar about ten times a day
once in a while i step out for a munch
because my credits always good down at my brother lunch
you now i probley get married towards the end of the fall
cause my girlfriend is tired of running a round with paul
seeing my brother is pretty good to me i dont think this house is to small
to the three but if the house starts getting too small for the four
then my brother will have to sleep with the guy next door
but he's understand that way my brother paul
if and he cant do it we whould have to get a divorce unless my wife can start working
of course o ya i had a dream last night about my brother and me
he grap a big gun and i climb a big tree
of course it was only a dream he wouldn't hurt his brother tim
and of course I'm so good to him they say a rolling stone never gathers any moss
so when I'm away i always let him be the boss o gosh
I just remembered I lost my glass eyeball hey there dog don't swallow that belongs to my brother paul