Still Patient? - One Word lyrics

One Word, and the conscience dies
like a sunbeam on black velvet
One Word, and the movements freeze like a liars face on judgement day

One Word, and the dominion of the night
will receive its told
One Word, never written down
but it is alive in ev'ry brain

Could it be me, could it be me
knowing the Word
the Shadows hunt me for?
Could it be me, could it be me
knowing the Word to open the Door?

Young men shall see Visions
and old men shall dream Dreams
I will never understand
what makes me follow unknown streams

One Word, and the Field Of Hope
will return into the Field Of Blood
One Word, and the World will fade
into a Black Hole of fear an pain

Could it be me...

I can't hear those Voices nomore
I can't heal those scars nomore
I can't answer those questions nomore
I can't feel this pain anymore

One Word...
Keep on searching the way to succeed
and I will smile ev'ry second you bleed