Still Patient? - Chamelion III lyrics

Bad people deserve bad dreams

When you speak about the day
don't forget the night
If you could see
you would begin to fright
Love is just a word
look behind the door
Behind ev'ry angel
waits the Mother Whore

You think fortune
has smiled on you well
but I got a thousand
of bare bones to tell

She's a Chameleon
the Lizard Queen
spreads the fire
with Gasoline
She's a Chameleon
the Queen of Spades
all you love
she surely hates

Yeah, that's right
you should believe
what I say
If you would see
though the night
you would hate each day
The lie creeps slowly
around your neck
All the dreams you have will fade to black

You think...

She's got a key
to your door
She's got both feet
right on your floor...