Stevie Jackson - Pure Of Heart lyrics

Sitting with my lunchbox
Plain bread "Mother's Pride"
Brown crust on the outside
I couldn't take my eyes off her
She was playing and I was staying pure of heart

From boy to man, the awkward stance
The guitar chords and also-rans
The brown suede for the 60's look
The out of timeness, fashion blindness
All the same I remained pure of heart

Dreaming of fame and all its glory
The main thing I longed for was love
The main thing I longed for was love

The scent of togetherness
The lavender upon her dress
The girl in the garret stepping into time
Lovers, friends, let friends be lovers
Now I know, I'll need no other
I am pure of heart

Explorations there to find
Ego-tripping on my mind
Too late for the garret, to the garret I said goodbye
Lavender girl just shook her head and smiled and said
"Where's the Pure of Heart?"

Flatter all the lovers you call friends
Who knows who is true and who pretends

Back to the starting post
Back to what means the most
Take a look at all that I have learned
Need a friend to be my lover
And I know there'll be other
I'll be pure of heart
Come on take my hand and make me pure of heart