Stevie Crooks - Hades Harmony (2013)

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Stevie Crooks - Hades Harmony lyrics

Why would you deny I’m gold?
All y’all rappers look like you drink diet coke
If I die, at my funeral play SP the ghost
If you die, I die laughing, cause you die a joke
You riding cold raves, what’s that you claim?
You friends with everybody but everybody think you lame
Y’all make no sense, y’all just rhyme and scream
I make sense without rhyming and outshine your team
Him like Hades, I respond tyrants off, park in Mercedes
Shorty top fly and off to West side wavy, quit the valley crazy
I’m a boss, faded, murder vows, Scorsese
My future full of Ferragamo, splash fever, you should get your goggles
That’s word to my madre, the cast of the Queens looking like Goapele and Sade
Bitch ass niggas, Egyptian sip direct war, my niggas
On the sand of Dubai on four wheelers, nigga
Imma let that rock for a little bit
Why would you deny my verse?
Y’all niggas look like y’all go through your girlfriends’ purse
Y’all niggas look like y’all go through your girlfriends’ phone
No wonder you get salty when a flow come on
Immaculate everything, the giant but Jack gets smacked in his beans
Clean, show claw, Don Perignon along with statues
That be imported from Moulin
Valets and Versace, pull side, blowing cigar filled with top notch broccoli
White rocks rocky, play forward with the script, stich fit, looking golly
This will be in hard copy, jumping out of airplanes with no parachute
Just a pair of shoes and a hoody made of Karibu
Crooky is the opposite of terrible, unbearable
One borrowed mind to burry you, cocksucker
Cut this shit off.