Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 - Hollywood lyrics

Got a lot of things that are on my mind
I know you got 'em too, so in the end we're doing fine
People don't know when they got it good

I scuffed my smokes on the stars of the boulevard
Faded legends on the street try not to take it all that hard
They'd do the same to me if they only could

Gonna drive a wedge through the middle of this town
Step in through the gap and take a look at what I've found
Somewhere 'tween the kinda bad and the kinda good

Got a little messed up in 1983
Scratched my name on the tree of history
I'm standing in the spot where I once stood

There's a guy that I remember (but I ain't naming names)
He's been dogging me since I tried to get out of the game
I don't want to wonder where and why I should