Steve Wynn - Here Come The Miracles lyrics

You want to take a glass a water, turn the water into wine
Don't call it a miracle, it happens all the time
You missed the part where the heavens start to bend?
Wait a couple minutes, it'll happen again


Falling to the ground like a hurricane
Sunshine coming through the pouring rain
Can't win the game if you don't wanna play
Miracles coming down every day

You say the sun's gonna rise up in the west?
Special delivery by your own request
Clothe and feed lepers with a couple loaves of bread?
Anyone can do it, don't let it go to your head


It takes more than faith to get through this maze
The rats got the inside track and they're not giving way
What can I believe in the face of such disease?
When the forces of evil are free to do as they please