Steve Wynn - Annie & Me lyrics

Annie and me, as far as we can see,
We're not taking any bets, just playing the house
Slashing the tires on the restrictive ride that
Keeps us in the lanes between the lanes

We just never slow down
It doesn't even hurt when we hit the ground
We don't slow down for anyone
Who says it's so hard when when you get old

We don't shy away from taking chances, we double our romances
Got plenty of time for everyone
Sometimes we share, sometimes we're not there
Love is the drug for the young Americans (ch)

Annie is only fifteen-and-a-half,
I'm barely a year older than that
Stripping down naked behind the Hollywood Bowl
Stuffing our trunk with all the things that we stole (ch)

Pt. 2

I woke up and I thought
You were here with me
But I knew it was
It wasn't reality

Holding onto every day
Is tougher as time
Pulls away

Trying not to let go of the feeling
But something always gets in the way

Like dreams that fall through the cracks
And friends who will never come back
And all of the strangers you see
And just how cruel they can be
And it's so hard to get by sometimes
It's just so hard to get by