Steve Wynn - Amphetamine lyrics

On the seventh hour of the seventh day
The seventh son was looking for a seventh-stage getaway
The word came down from a blinding light
You got one chance, you'd better do it right

I was driving down the 101
It was late at night and I was thinking 'bout the things that I'd done
All of my regrets and and all of my fears
I was slipping the car from gear to gear to gear

Man, I really got going, started picking up speed
I hit 135 and I had everything that I'd need
Started shaking bad, fearing for my life
I let go of the wheel and I flew into the night

god bless the child, god bless his soul
god perish the idea that he will die before he's old
gotta be cool, you gotta behave
man, there'll be time for that when I'm lying in my grave

You gotta watch your step, or you gonna lose your way
Take heed of your elders, do everything they say
Yeah, I gotta watch out for the man who tolls the bells
But if I fear for the devil and I fear for myself then I'm gonna have to fear for everybody else