Steve Vai - Band Intros lyrics

What is going on in here tonight?
It is so good to be back in this city, in this beautiful venue with you guys tonight
Thank you so much for coming

Alright, how do you like the new band so far?
Yeah, I like them, too
And I’m gonna introduce them to you right now
Over on violin and keyboards we have Mister Alex DePue

Mister Brian Beller on bass

I can’t help it when I get to Minneapolis
Still watching my James Brown DVD’s
And I just wanna, I just wanna kiss myself

Ok, I’m sorry, I won’t do that again

Pounding out your pleasure tonight, on the skins Mister Jeremy Colson

It gives me great pleasure to have in the band year after year after year
Because he’s so, so, so wonderful a man and a guitar player
Mister Dave Weiner over here

It gives me great pleasure, did I say great pleasure?
It is really a wonderful, wonderful thing to have in the band a wonderful, wonderful thing
Such as Miss Anne Marie Calhoun on violin and keyboards

Alright, enough of this, enough of this nonsense
Let’s get started here