Steve McConnell - Lord Knows And Remembers lyrics

You've washed us clean, Holy Lamb
You bore our shame, God of Abraham
Your word is true and your promise is sure
and by Your grace we will live with You forever, oh Lord

Oh Lord, I'm undone, I'm ashamed by all I've done
and it hurts to think I'd grieve Your heart
but You say, "Take My hand, little one -- I understand,"
and I as I hold Your hand I behold the scars
from the nails so undeserved
that gave me hope and Your assurance
that I am Yours indeed

Now if You, oh Lord, kept a record of our sins
surely none of us could stand
and You knew all along and so before the world was formed
You Yourself would be salvation's plan
In time, the spring of Living Water
would go -- like a lamb unto the slaughter
to pay our debt in full

Oh Lord, it's true, we should not sin
for all who live in You are truly new creations
but Lord, You say, if we should fall
we need only see it as You do
running to, and not from You