Steve Howe - Will O' The Wisp lyrics

Break the chains that keep us here,
The dirty city and unwholesome wares.

Free the grip from round my head.
My eyes long to see the fields instead.
As time doth slowly and surely creep.
The distant mist I sense before me,
Wisps about my feet.

Tell me what happened to me,
She'd say it was meant to be.
Go off and journey someplace,
I'll see you after winter.

You know it can always happen,
So near to the end.
Love has a funny habit of,
Running out on you.

Just in time you'll be here,
Living by the river.
Mixing with friends, I know them.
Sharing touch and beauty.

Belgium, is just a place I remember.
Streets of rain, one forgotten night.
Early flight.
We just slipped away.
Sharing breakfast, nothing left to say.